An Interview with Bwno, LCA’s Rising Rockstars

By Isabella Lahoue, Editor-in-Chief, and Dundi Vedantam, staff member. Photos by Drew Wyatt.

Many high school musicians dream of having a successful band, but four of LCA’s juniors — Sam Maurer, Sam Bloodworth, Victor Dos Reis and Trey Baskett — are working towards that title with the recent release of their single, “Not Easy”, that has now amassed over seventy thousand streams on Spotify. They form the musical quartet Bwno (pronounced bueno) and agreed to chat with Blue and White staff member and Student Life Review Host, Dundi Vedantam.

What prompted you to start the band?

Bloodworth: “We would always hang out after school and just jam, and we came to the point where, we were just like, let’s just make a band.”

What role does each of you play?

Bloodworth: “I sing and play piano.”

Maurer: “[Rhythm and lead] guitar.”

Victor: “Bass.”

Trey: “Drums.”

What inspired the name?

Maurer: “Bwno in Spanish means good, and we are… good.” 

Bloodworth: “That’s actually not why we came across it.”

Victor: “No, that is.”

Trey: “I think during one of our jam sessions it came out—”

Bloodworth: “That’s not true at all, actually me and Sam Maurer were looking at dictionaries trying to find a name for the band…” 

Maurer: “And that’s also how Jerry Garcia came up with his band name, that’s how I got the idea.”

Bloodworth: “We had a couple different names we liked… ‘Before Pearl,’ ‘Summer of ‘72,’ and ‘Marina Drive.’”

What artists are you most influenced by?

Maurer: “Grateful Dead.”

Bloodworth: “The 1975.”

Victor: “That band from Germany… Kraftwerk.”

Bloodworth: “Astrud Gilberto.”

Trey: “Little bit of LANY and Joan.”

Victor: “The 1975.”

Bloodworth: “I just said that!”

Victor: “No you didn’t! Shut your mouth.”

What genre would your music fall under?

Maurer: “Indie rock, but we’re looking to try psychedelic rock.”

Bloodworth: “We want to get away from the indie pop scene as much as we can.”

When did your first single come out and what’s the idea behind it?

Bloodworth: “I wrote the first single at the beginning of May. Trey was making a beat and he showed me the chords, so I took those and modified them, I looked at them like very simple, [and it started out as a] jazz song, and I brought it to Sam [Maurer]. At that point we just cut it down to three chords.”

Are you planning on filming a music video for Not Easy?

Maurer: “No.”

Who has the highest spice tolerance?

Maurer: “Sam [Bloodworth] has NO spice tolerance.”

Victor: “Sam yells when he drinks milk… But I feel like I have the highest”

Bloodworth: “I think Sam [Maurer] likes spicy stuff, right? We’re not a spicy kind of band.”

Victor: “Like, he puts salt on his food and begins to wail.”

Advice to other students who want to start a band?

Bloodworth: “I would say if you like music, find a couple more friends that you like. My number one band tip: friends are more important than good musicians.”

Victor: “It definitely requires a lot of commitment.”

Maurer: “Shut up!”

Trey: “We really got lucky with this connection, so definitely get connected musically with the people around you.”

What does the band’s future look like?

Maurer: “We’re coming out with a new song soon, we started making it…”

Bloodworth: “Cut it! Cut it!”

Bloodworth: “We have a couple things in the works. I think we’re gonna release a song next month.”

Victor: “We’re having a show in Athens, Georgia next month, totally come out!”

Maurer: “Shut up!”

Be on the lookout for Bwno’s next Spotify single.