Advanced Senior Research Project: Mazer Xu Profile

By Serenity Beaumont, Spiritual Life Co-Division Head. Pictured: Prototype of Exoskeleton Outline by Mazer Xu.

This week, our ASR profile will focus on Mazer Xu’s research project. In the next couple of months, Mazer will apply his love for robotics and engineering to construct a mechanical arm that can be worn to lift heavy objects. The Blue and White sat down with Mazer to find out more about this fascinating project. Mazer told editors that he seeks to build what he calls his “exoskeleton” out of the metal aluminum. Mazer enthusiastically described the striking duality of this metal as it is light enough to manufacture yet tough enough to handle strong metals; this makes this an ideal metal suited for his project. Through this project, Mazer wanted to get the opportunity to exercise his interest in engineering as this is a study he would like to continue in college. He originally had the idea of building an exoskeleton knee that would almost act as a prosthetic. However, Mazer informed us that building a mechanical knee requires medical research; it is not as easy as it seems. Alternatively, he chose to build an arm and is satisfied with his choice.

Prototype of Exoskeleton Design – Mazer Xu

In the next couple of months as this arm comes into fruition, Mazer seeks to finalize and prepare the materials he will need to start constructing his arm, such as finding a source of aluminum. He will next need to do extensive coding and programming to give his exoskeleton arm functions and commands, so it can move. Lastly, he will conduct simulations of his mechanical arm until it is completed and ready for use!