Jequarius’s Successors Arrive at LCA

By Owen Sherman, ’20

As you may know, we lost Jequarius, the class of 2020’s fish, early last week. Despite this loss, his original caretakers decided that the tradition must continue. We are now proud to present your new fish, Jequarius II and Jequarius III. 

Photo by Mrs. Hashem

But why are there two? Wasn’t there only supposed to be one Jequarius? Well, that was the plan. After two days without a Jequarius, Mrs. Hashem and I both went to get a new one — within an hour of each other! Luckily, Jequarius’ tank came with a divider (Betta fish will attack each other if they are together), so we were able to keep both.

Despite both bearing the name Jequarius, the two new Jequarii (Jequaria? Jequariuses?) are very different fish. Jequarius I was a red halfmoon male Betta, Jequarius II (the one on the left) is a reddish-orange delta tail male, and Jequarius III (on the right) is a red veiltail male. The Jequaria (Jequarias? Jequarius?) reside in Mrs. Hashem’s room like before, and you are all welcome to visit them whenever you like — just don’t interrupt a class.

Since Jequarius II and III will hopefully live for many more months, they will likely outlive the class of 2020. That’s where the next critical piece of the Jequarius plan comes in. Some time in the spring, the caretakers of Jequarius will search for a suitable caretaker from the class of 2021 in order to continue the tradition, and that caretaker will hopefully pass Jequarius to the next class and so on. 

The Jequari– you know what, I give up! — are not only an exciting addition to the class of 2020, they are also living proof that the Jequarius tradition can continue for years to come, allowing many classes in the future to enjoy these charismatic little fish. Also, if you have any suggestions regarding the plural of Jequarius, please let me know.

We have reached out to Jequarius II and III for comment. Neither of them have replied yet.