Letter From the Editors: Our Standards and Expectations

By Isabella Lahoue and Greta Risgin, Editors-in-Chief.

Dear Reader,

Reflective of our current political climate, the LCA student body faces tension between the diverse perspectives and beliefs each of us bring to the table. For most of us, we find common ground in a belief in God and His presence in our community. But often times we are consumed by polarity and lose sight of what unites us. It is vital that we as (not only students but members of a nation of free speech) develop a habit of reacting to opinions in a healthy way. This involves communicating, respecting, and seeking to understand one another’s beliefs, regardless of whether we personally believe the same.

The Blue and White’s mission, among other things, is to act as a platform for individual student voices to be shared. The primary way that we accomplish this is through editorials (known to our readers as op-eds or opinion pieces) written by members of the student body, some of whom are members of our Editor’s Board. Editorials do not reflect the view of the Editors-in-Chief, the Editors’ Board, the student body in general, or the beliefs taught in classes. Rather they are merely the expression of one or several individuals in our community who are given a microphone through which their voice can be heard. The expectation for opinion pieces is that they are thoroughly explained and justified, and moreover do not attack or belittle any individual’s perspective. In this way they are a chance for students to hear from their peers and, regardless of whether or not the opinion is held by the reader, seek to find common ground.

That being said, we will continue to act in such a manner: we agree to not censor student content unless it explicitly violates the regulations posted in our submission guidelines. Although we are not representative of the faculty or administration, we have their approval as an LCA club and take this into consideration in the way we present our content to the community. We hold ourselves to these standards of fairness— we will not turn down student opinions because they contrast with our own beliefs as individuals, and we are not censored by the administration. We exist as an independent group that seeks to allow student voices to be heard and reacted to in a safe environment.

As you take this into consideration, dear reader, we encourage you to reach out and express your opinions, whether to the Head Editors personally or through a written piece you share with us through submission.

The Editors; bw@lca.edu

Isabella Lahoue; isabella.lahoue@lca.edu

Greta Risgin; greta.risgin@lca.edu