New Faces, New Staff: Meet Ms. Dupre

By Jillian Stevens, Sports Division Head. Photo by Shea O’Brien.

It’s a new year, and LCA is swarming with new, wonderful faces. The athletic department welcomed a new face this year as well, Ms. Dupre. Although Ms. Dupre is a new staff member this year, she is certainly not new to the LCA community. Ms. Dupre was once a student here at LCA like all of us, and she graduated in 2009. Since then, Ms. Dupre has stayed well connected with the LCA community by working at and running LCA’s summer program. The Varsity Field Hockey team had the opportunity to get to know Ms. Dupre early on because she is assisting Coach LaRoche this season; the rest of us were not as lucky. So, The Blue and White figured we would  help us all get to know Ms. Dupre better by asking her some questions.

 Q: Could you tell me a little bit about your background? I know you went to LCA, but tell me a little bit about your interests, what you studied in college, what college you went to, and what led you back to LCA? 

A: “At LCA I was a varsity Field Hockey captain, and I was a varsity Softball captain, so I’ve always loved sports. I went to Gordon College, where I majored in Elementary Education, Special Education, and English. I also played on the varsity tennis team, and I was the captain of the tennis team for two years at Gordon. For the past five years, I taught elementary school at Lynn public schools, and I just decided to kind of change my job a little bit, and it just so happened that LCA was hiring and I love the people and community here so I thought it would be a good fit.” 

Q: Could you tell me a little bit about your role here at LCA and what you do here? 

A: “My main focus is the summer program, and then I help Mr. Stevens out with athletics, and I coach Varsity Field Hockey, and I’m also co-teaching middle school science for seventh and eighth grade with Mrs. Oliver.” 

Q: Could you compare and contrast your LCA experience and the current LCA experience? What are the greatest similarities and differences you’ve noticed? 

A: “A lot of the same faculty members are still here, I have memories of being in class with teachers like Mr. Alexander and Mrs. Elliott, which is so nice. I think one of the main differences is seeing my old teachers as colleagues now, which is a big difference but I loved them as teachers, and I love them as people, so it’s wonderful working with them now. On the athletics side of things, the main difference I noticed is that when I went here, almost everyone played a sport and almost everyone played multiple sports.” 

Q: Do you have any big plans for this year? 

A: “Getting more people interested in sports and going out for teams and trying new things and supporting other teams at their games too.” 

Q: Is there anything you’d like the LCA community to know about you? 

A: “I’m always available, and my door is always open to come to talk, I know I’m still new to everyone, but I’d love to continue meeting students. Also, apply to work at camp, we’re always looking for counselors, and I promise I’m not a horrible boss!” 

Ms. Dupre’s office is located in the gym if you have any questions, would love to get to know her better, or just want to hang out. We’re so happy to have her here at LCA this year working with us.