Meet Your 2019-2020 Prefects!

By Isabella Lahoue, Editor-in-Chief

For the upcoming school year, the prefects have already been selected, and the new board is working together to strategize social events, student life issues, and establish their individual roles in leading the student body. The Blue and White reached out to each individual recently elected on the board to garner insight into their visions for the upcoming year.

To continue our tradition of interviewing each prefect, all thirteen of our brave new leaders were asked the following three questions:

  1. Why did you want to be a prefect (for your particular position)?
  2. What are you most looking forward to next year?
  3. What changes do you want to see in the school through your work as prefects?

Trina Schell — Activities

  1. “I wanted to be a prefect because I am a huge proponent of student government and giving students a voice in the overall school scheme, and I wanted to do activities because it was most suited to my skill set, since I have been doing roughly the same job for the past two years.
  2. This year, I’m most looking forward to working with a group of prefects. I think we have a really nice selection this year, and everyone gets along nicely. It will also be nice to have a little more authority in what happens in the school.
  3. I want to see the student body have a little more input. It seems like the administration sometimes makes a valiant effort to help students, but their efforts might be misguided because they are not part of the student community. I want to help guide the administration in these decisions since they have good intentions, but might not know specific ways to implement their ideas. Also, I want more hype about sports in general and parties.”

Samuel Bahou — All-School

  1. “I wanted to be a prefect because I have been invested in the LCA community for the past decade (family started here in 2008-9) and this is my way of giving back.
  2. I look forward to being able to plan fun things for all of the students.
  3. Respecting one another.”

Charlotte Moore — Athletics

  1. “I really wanted to be the Athletics Prefect because I wanted to represent the LCA body as an athlete as well as any other student. I have been playing three sports at LCA since I came as a 6th grader, and they have impacted my life here so much. I guess I really wanted to express my love for sports and LCA through being the Athletics Prefect.
  2. I am really excited to learn more about my fellow prefects, and the student body this year. I am excited to be the oldest and wisest (not really) grade this coming year and to be able to contribute my leadership and ideas on what we can change or improve about life at LCA. I am also super excited to help plan the dances.
  3. Honestly, I really like LCA and don’t see too many changes necessary. But, I do think that we can try to find more time for fun little activities, that can take away from the stressful lives of the students. I really enjoyed the hoedown and field day and I really hope to do more of that next year. Also, I am hoping to add on an exciting athletic event next year, so stay tuned…”

Joy Mollenhauer — Helping Our World (HOW)

  1. “Jill Bowdring was my 6th grade PIG buddy and the HOW prefect, who inspired me to think outside the box and use my gifts to help others. I have experienced things that helped grow my world view and attitude towards people and I am really passionate about the different ways service is impactful locally and globally.
  2. I am so happy to be with the prefect board and plan events for everyone! I am also so so excited for my HOW board and the absolutely amazing group of people we have! I want to help change the way we approach HOW and ignite a spirit of service in the whole community. I am so excited for next year and all the ways we will strive to grow as a school!”

Xinlan “Annie” Chen — Resident Life

  1. “Having lived in the dorm for three years, I have good understandings of dorm life from dealing with homesickness, finding good ways to manage time and study, to have fun in the city and finding good food. I hope to serve residential students and to connect LCA’s two campuses.
  2. I am looking forward to a Friday morning in the upcoming year where everyone in the cross center sings the Happy Birthday song together, loud and proud.
  3. I want to see the school as a community finding a way to combat stress and anxiety, no matter it is in the form of a new student common space or prefect-board-led activities, eventually more positive energy among students and faculties (especially at the end of the year).”

Brooke Krivickas — National Honors Society (NHS)

  1. “I wanted to be the academics prefect because I value the priority LCA places on academics and more specifically I wanted to be more involved in the peer tutoring program.
  2. I am looking forward to continuing to improve the peer tutoring program, so students can receive help when they need it.
  3. Some changes I would like to see are an increase in respect between students and a greater sense of community.”

Amy Palmer — Peer Issues Group (PIG)

  1. “I really liked being a part of PIG this past year and am especially interested in leading the group to hopefully make a difference.
  2. I’m excited to collaborate with other prefects to organize events.
  3. I feel that there is currently too much pressure socially and academically which I hope to address and foster a more collaborative community, learning to disagree the right way.”

Kevin Moody — Chorale

  1. “I believe I am a strong leader, a capable singer, and, stepping into a leadership position, I’ll take responsibility for the group.
  2. I’m excited to have a say in what we sing, for various year-round performances.
  3. My hope is that people get more involved in the arts and extracurriculars —high school can be tough, but extracurriculars make it fun.”

Angelina Latin — Multicultural (FLAVA)

  1. “I wanted to be multicultural prefect because I felt called to include the different races and cultural backgrounds here at LCA.
  2. I am most looking forward to planning fun events for everyone. I want to know where everyone in LCA so that I can plan events that the student body would find interesting.
  3. I would most like to see LCA tackling difficult and uncomfortable conversations surrounding race as well as other controversial topics. This way, we can not only understand the other side but strengthen our own point of view.”

Chenxiao “Stella” Feng — Visual Arts

  1. “I wished to become the arts prefect because I am very passionate about the arts. I enjoy creating, participating or even just watching the arts in the school. I hope more people can get involved in arts programs and feel that art is fun.
  2. Honestly is hard to pick one. Planning social could count as one and get more chance to directly communicate with the teacher about the students’ issue is another.
  3. To spread the word is my goal next year. I want the school to keep updates about what’s happening in the LCA art world and stimulate more interests among the student body.”

Caleb Hong — Co-Chaplain

  1. “I felt called to do it. Or rather, I wanted to be able to share my faith with the school and the chaplain prefect position seemed the easiest platform to do so.
  2. I’m excited to see what we can accomplish and what we can change. We have a very interesting and dynamic mix of people, so I’m curious to see how we’ll work together.
  3. I’d like to see a movement towards being very open and curious about our faith. We’re all in different places, but I’d like to see us work with one another and pray to pursue a deeper relationship with each other and with Christ.”

Layane Moreira — Co-Chaplain

  1. “It was something that I could see myself doing, and I also felt like God could use my personality through it. I am honest, which people need.
  2. Getting to know more people
  3. Being okay with whatever religion/path of faith you’re on and asking for help.”

Each of the students had similar goals accepting the position — to connect with fellow students and bring the community together over issues we currently face. It is this band of leadership, of students desiring to bring about positive change in our day-to-day school lives, that we are proud to have serve as the 2019-2020 prefects.