Editor Spotlight: Farewell Gallery Curator Tamao Chika

By Isabella Lahoue, Editor-in-Chief.

Artwork by Tamao Chika

The lovely Tamao Chika, lone senior representative of the Blue and White editor’s board, bids us farewell to take the next step in her future and attend university. Chika joined our staff at the time of the paper’s birth in early 2018 and has been our Visual Arts Editor ever since.

Artwork by Tamao Chika

An international dorm resident from Japan, Chika has been active in numerous aspects of student life at LCA. She has been the star of an athletic spotlight highlighting her EIL honorable mention, back-to-back MVP status for JV Basketball, and Field Hockey Sportsmanship award. She is a recipient of numerous arts recognitions, including the Scholastic Art and Writing awards Silver Key for Creative Writing (for her piece titled “The Reason Why I Will Control The World”). Chika is also known for playing the harp in annual school-wide performances, as well as being the Blue and White on-call visual art photographer/digital gallery curator.

Pictured from right to left: Angelina Latin ’20 and Tamao Chika, Gallery Curator

Here’s what the LCA community has to say about Tamao:

“I love Tamao… more than I love my own family” — Sam-Annaelle Dalexis ‘20

“Loving Tamao has become a trend. Like some person who doesn’t even know Tamao will be like, ‘I love Tamao’. No, I love Tamao. Love you Tamao. Besitos.” — Greta Risgin ‘20

“Tamao is very light-hearted and enthusiastic all the time! She is a person you could always go to, I am glad to have her as a friend. In the past few years of her as a dorm consul leader, she always take care of all the students and was able to come out with good ideas of activities we could do in the dorm (coffee house was her idea)!” — Aimee Zhao ‘23

“Tamao is the best because she’s very conversational and truly generally cares about her friends” — Olivia Wang ‘20

“She’s always happy, always excited, even when things are tough and she’s having a bad day, she says it with a smile. She’s a very important part of our community and she’s been intentional about becoming part of our community. I remember when she first came, she was very very shy, as you would be struggling with a new language and culture, but she didn’t just hide, she tried to learn and make friends and be in music and now she is. Everybody knows Tamao.” — Mr. Thomason, Bible Teacher

Artwork by Tamao Chika

The tight-knit family that the newspaper has become will feel the sting of Chika’s absence in the coming school year. We wish her all the best in the coming years. Taking her place on the board is our amazing artist, Stella Feng