Student Spotlight: Stella Feng wins the Congressional Art Competition

By Greta Risgin, Editor-in-Chief. Artwork by Stella Feng, Gallery Curator.

Perhaps you’ve walked down LCA’s hallways and stopped to look at the student artwork. More often than not some of the most beautiful and quirkiest art belongs to none other than The Blue and White’s rising Gallery Curator and 2020 Art Prefect, Stella Feng.

Feng is a gem at LCA with a talent for art like no other. Her pieces depict odd fantastical scenes such as frogs playing baseball or well-dressed birds upon a telephone wire (as depicted above), which leave people inspired while scratching their heads. When asked if her pieces mean anything, Feng simply said, “no”.

The work shown above is none other than Feng’s piece “Business Birds”, which was entered into the Congressional Art Competition. This competition is a nationwide high school art contest. Since its beginning in 1982, more than 650,000 high school students have participated, with about 30,000 students competing annually. A winner is then selected from each congressional district. The piece not only won the competition, but will now be shipped out to DC to be hung in the United States Capitol building for everyone to see. A huge congratulations to Feng for her amazing work.

Feng’s hard work, dedication, and creativity have led her painting to be recognized by the United States itself, and we urge you to find her painting if you ever stop by DC this year.