Rebuilding the Lacrosse Lions

By Justin Kim, ’21. Photo by Amy Chaney. Pictured: the Varsity Boys Lacrosse Team 2019.

What happened to Boys’ Lacrosse? Just a few years ago, the team was filled with young, eager players, excited for the sport. Last year, most of those players switched to baseball, and left only three seniors on the team. This year, not only are there no seniors, but there is only one junior. What happened? According to Business Insider, Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in the country, but it doesn’t seem to be that way at LCA.

    A few potential reasons for this are that Lacrosse has lost its appeal in a way. Some of the past players seem to not have been as in love with the sport as originally thought. Maybe the roughness of the sport is a bit too much for some players. According to an anonymous student in the 2018 graduating class, the helmets are too annoying. However, others just want to take the offseason and pack on some mass in the gym. In general, many would say that the sport of lacrosse is not appealing enough for them to play this year.

    But don’t fret. This year, the team is extremely young and inexperienced. Many would call this a rebuilding year, as the Lacrosse team is going to rebuild the strength and skill of the team. However, although the team is young, they are hard-working, perseverant, and progressing. Currently, they are facing troubles in numbers and are losing many games due to this, but each game every player gets better and better. Having small numbers means fewer subs, but this just means more time on the field for newer players.

    Additionally, by many of the athletes’ senior and junior years, the team is estimated to be in a completely different class. According to Coach Fred DiStefano, we have a “young team and it’s been a little bit of a challenging season, but we’ll be ready for the future.” Our small team allows “a lot of the young guys” to get “a lot of game experience, which is great” because this will lead to the team being “ready to grow” and “make improvements.” On top of their skill being honed through experience and practice, the coordination of the players will be unstoppable. Through their combined persistence, they will become closer together and have unmatched synergy.