Students of Color Club

By Serenity Beaumont, Spiritual Life Junior Division Head.

A couple of weeks ago during the Day 6 lunch block, I was able to attend the SOC meeting which stands for Students of Color. This meeting is a support group where the students of color at LCA are able to meet and connect with each other.

Students of color at LCA represent a meager percentage of the entire student population. Therefore, this time serves as a safe and valuable outlet where students who look alike have the opportunity to connect with one another and not feel isolated by their race.

This group was founded and is currently led by Ms. Wright, LCA’s athletic trainer. After Ms. Wright attended a multicultural conference, she learned that other schools had created their own SOC groups, so she decided to initiate one at LCA. According to Ms. Wright, the goal of creating this group is so that students of color at LCA “feel safe,” feel that they are not alone, and feel that their voices are heard.

From this reporter’s time in this meeting, it is clear that the SOC club is a place where students are able to openly interact and connect with each other outside of the classroom in a fun safe environment. It is truly a privilege that intelligent black students and trustworthy teachers are able to meet and discuss about issues and political current events. This club is just another testament of Ms. Wright’s magnificent legacy, and all that she strives to accomplish for the students of our community. We can’t wait to see the progress of this club in the years to come!