Student Spotlight: Hannah MacDonald and the FBI

By Greta Risgin, Editor-in-Chief. Pictured from left to right: Special Agent Megan Kelly, Hannah MacDonald, Peter Seminara.

If you’re reading this on a computer, look through the little camera — someday you’ll be seeing an LCA alumna watching on the other side. That’s right, you may not have been aware, but LCA has its own resident spy kid. Her name is MacDonald, Hannah MacDonald.

MacDonald has had aspirations to become an agent in the Federal Bureau of Investigation since she can remember and has avidly been working towards her goals. One such endeavor was her participation in the FBI Youth Leadership Program this past summer in the home of the FBI Academy itself — Quantico, Virginia. Fifteen thousand apply for this elite program, but only fifty-eight manage to make the cut where they learn about what it takes to both be a leader and work for the FBI. Through the program, MacDonald learned what her future career would look like and benefited from cross country connections. Our Blue and White journalists pressed MacDonald for more information, but she simply shook her head, unwilling to leak any government secrets.

MacDonald was invited to speak about her time in Quantico at the FBI National Academy Christmas Party (pictured above). Her speech received a standing ovation from the director of the Boston FBI, and MacDonald said that she “felt like a four year old surrounded by a bunch of superheroes.” She continued to say in all seriousness, “Listening to stories about the men and women in the room risking their lives day in and day out, unrecognized, for people who may never appreciate it, well- that’s real love. It reminded me of John 15:13, that Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends. There’s something so admirable about a people who willingly put their life on the line every day for something greater than themselves.” She also commented that she “hopes to someday join the human trafficking or counter terrorism units.”

MacDonald has now resettled into her civilian life once again, but she’ll be attending a program at the Naval Academy this summer. We’re excited to see her back in action soon as a real agent for the FBI.