Merry Christmas and Happy New Year From North Campus!

By Xinlan ‘Annie’ Chen, Dormitory Life Division Head. Photo taken by Annie Chen. From left to right, around the table: Chidindu Aniekwenagbu, Miyu Matsumura, Ryo Nakano, Tianhao ‘Tyler’ Zhou, Mr. Milton, Zurui ‘Andy’ Luo, Zixi ‘Alex’ Zhou.

On Monday, December the 17th, LCA North Campus celebrated Christmas before most students leave for home. As a Western tradition, Christmas is not widely celebrated among most of our international students. Therefore, the goal of the Christmas party was to have our international students experience Christmas through authentic American ways.

    About a month ago, Mr. VanderBrug spent a few afternoons in North Campus and filled the space with Christmas spirit by putting up cardboard Christmas trees and various other festive decorations (as shown in the photo behind Tyler Zhou). That was the first taste of Christmas for our dorm students this year.

Photo taken by Annie Chen.

Celebrations continued throughout December with a well-organized coffee house on December 7th as well as activities like Secret Santa and Christmas cookie decorating. Decorated cookies were eventually served at the Christmas party —— a formal dinner prepared by Chef Hok. Below is a photo of Dr. Winsor presenting Chef Hok a Little Leeroy for all his hard work this semester. Food at North Campus this year is much better than years before with more fresh vegetables and more variety. Chef Hok also did a great job making sure to serve different kinds of “comfort food” from American Chicken soup, Mac & Cheese and pizza, to Mexican tacos and Chinese beef soup noodle. It was these special foods that made the North Campus home for our students. In this season of appreciation, students and faculties at North Campus wanted to honor his gifts to all of our residents.

Photo taken by Annie Chen. From left to right: Mrs. Torjesen, Chef Hok, Dr. Winsor

At the end of the dinner, all students and dorm parents received little stockings from Mrs. Torjesen, Dr. Winsor, and Mrs. Martin. If you are curious about what are in those stockings, ask one of your dorm friends. They would be very happy to tell you!

Photo taken by Annie Chen. From left to right: Zurui ‘Andy’ Luo, Mrs. Torjesen

Even though most students went back home and where they live may not celebrate Christmas the way we do in American or perhaps not celebrate at all, because of the party at the dorm, they are now able to bring Christmas spirit along with them to wherever they are travelling to, and this is a precious gift of this Christmas season.

Photo taken by Annie Chen. From left to right, around the table: Elsie Carlson, Margaret Mirembe, Ms. Metzger, Jiayue ‘Cindy’ Liu, Lin Pan, Tong ‘Lydia’ Wu, Ziai ‘Catherine’ Mao, Gengmo ‘Aimee’ Zhao.

“I think the Christmas dinner created an opportunity to help us figure out the local culture.  I have asked Mrs.Metzger a few questions about Christmas, and that’s pretty interesting. Also, the food is very delicious.”
—Lydia Wu

Photo Taken by Annie Chen. From left to right, around the table: Dr. Winsor, Tamao Chika, Jiuya ‘Eva’ Lin, Anqi Wang, Shuyan ‘Emily’ Zhou, Nah Hyun Lee, Gabrielle Buissereth

“We got really good Christmas food and we even received gifts which surprised me a lot. I have a really good time.”
—Eva Lin

“The gifts I received from the party was a surprise. It’s the first time since I heard the Santa story that there actually gifts stuffed in my stocking.”
—Stella Feng

Wishing you all the best this holiday season and throughout the year, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!