A Seventh Grader’s View: Kicking off the Graphic Novels Unit with the MFA

By Maria Rocha, ’24

On December 10th, the 7th  grade went to the Museum of Fine Arts. Very soon, when we return from break, we are going to be starting our unit on graphic novels. Mrs. Lefroy decided to take us on this trip so we could begin to develop our analytical skills and to prepare us for our new unit. During the field trip, we visited many different paintings and had amazing discussions about each.  My personal favorite was one painting called “The Twelfth Night Feast” by Jan Steen. The Twelfth Night feast is a holiday which celebrates the arrival of the three kings, who were lead by a star to baby Jesus. At the museum, each of us was given a character in the painting, and we had to come up with a line of something we thought that character would say. I enjoyed this because it allowed us to feel like we were really there in the exact moment the painting was captured. It also allowed us to dive deeply into our imaginations. Something surprising that I was able to learn about myself during this trip was my love for art. As we were walking through each room, each and every painting caught my eye. I was so captivated by each piece of art we saw. I’m now very excited for our graphic novels topic!