Remembering our #1 Fan

By Jillian Stevens, Sports Division Head

My first thought of Mrs. Johnson was her passion and love for her students; whether it was in the classroom, on stage, or out at the sports field, she was always caring for us as if we were her own kids. We spent all day in her classroom learning and exhausting our brains, working hard in her classroom to do well and obtain all the knowledge she presented to us. When it was time to hit the court or field, we could count on seeing our number one fan there always in support of the students she cared so deeply for. Mrs. Johnson’s support for her students did not end when we exited room 206 for the last time as an 8th grader. No, it carried on into high school where she always would make it out to see a couple of our games and cheer us on with that big smile of hers.

Everyone felt supported by Mrs. Johnson and understood her impact on their athletic careers. I asked some student athletes what Mrs. Johnson’s support of LCA athletics meant to them.

  • “The thing about Mrs. Johnson was that no matter what she did, she did it out of love, so when she came to my games it showed her love and care for us. This was especially true when she attended high school games for students that weren’t even hers.” – Charlotte Moore ‘20.
  • “Mrs. Johnson was always a supporter of the LCA athletic program whether it was watching her own kids play, or sticking around to support her own students. I could always count on her to make time for at least one of my games, if not more! I will truly miss her enthusiastic support for LCA athletics.” – Julia Incampo ‘19

Mrs. Johnson was always a key part of school spirit at LCA, and you could always count on her to be wearing a blue crew in support of her students.

Mrs. Johnson’s three children all attended LCA, and Mrs. Johnson was always out at the field watching them; however, even after they graduated, Mrs. Johnson was still a huge supporter of sports here at LCA. Mr. Patrie recounted a fond memory of Mrs, Johnson last Thursday saying, “I saw Mrs. Johnson out at a Bancroft Homecoming after all of her children had graduated from LCA. She was there with Paul, her husband supporting the LCA teams. I thanked her for being there and asked what she was doing making the trip to Worcester. I remember her proudly wearing her Blue Crew and replying, ‘where else would I be?’ She loved her students, and one of the many ways she showed it was by showing up at Bancroft’s Homecoming that day.” It is beautiful moments like this that made us all feel so incredibly blessed to have had her love and joy here at LCA for so many years.  

Mrs. Johnson’s impact on LCA will be long-lasting and ever-present in the lives of our student-athletes past, present, and future. Not only was her presence prevalent out on the athletic fields but also in the hallways, classroom, and anywhere else you may have found her joyful presence residing. We’ll always remember our number one fan.