By Khora Lane, ’20

Why do we have loss in this world? Loss is a reoccurring event, whether it is in our lives or another’s. Loss is that pain that fills our heart and soul with darkness. It is always in some way p a i n f u l. On the 7th of November 2018, we lost a dear loved one. Someone who strived not for her own, but for others’ greatness. This woman’s name was Lori, in Latin meaning honor and victory.

When she was younger, her dream job could have been any self-benefitting career, but she wanted to be a teacher. In her heart, she wanted to spread knowledge and goodness to those around her. She achieved her lifetime dream, and, if that is not honorable, then nothing else is in this world.

How do we cope with or even tolerate this tragedy? There are so many different ways to cope, but nobody can ever truly understand except God. We do not know why these things happen to us, but more importantly to Lori and people like her who live in God’s glory and represent goodness to others.

So many people and generations of families in the LCA community have had the blessed opportunity to learn from her. It’s important to recognize that her pureness was so good, that it does not matter how long you knew her; there was NO negative comment a person could make in her 32 years of being a loved member of our school.

If anything, through this horrific event, we can know that she is in heaven. As a community of LCA members and friends and family, we cannot cannot allow her goodness to fade away. This means keeping our memories of her alive, so her goodness continues to spread. She is not gone, but she is with us in a different way. Mrs. Lori Johnson was a woman, a daughter, a mother, a wife, a teacher, a warm-hearted Christian. Lori Johnson loved all, and all loved her. Rest in p e a c e! Let her smile stay in your heart and help bring light back to your heart and souls. And may there be loving rejoicing in everyone’s hearts!