Countdown to Broadway Follies: the Morning Of

By Katrina Schell, Performing Arts Division Head

The Morning Of:

Finally, all the hard work has come to an end! The Chamber Singers have stressed, rehearsed, and performed their hearts out, all leading up to this final day. On a day usually pinpointed as the pinnacle of all stress, there is an unyielding excitement. The main factor of this can be contributed to the compact group of singers. Everyone in the group this year was shocked at the sheer talent of every singer. Every number is polished, and those that were not ready were proactively cut from the agenda. In years past, as many have commented, there have been numbers that likely should not have made it to the stage. However, this year, everyone has put in the work to make their number worthy of the spotlight.

Stress level: High in anticipation
Mrs. Bulger’s Mood Meter: “I will literally scream during the show”