International Profiles – Introduction

By Xinlan ‘Annie’ Chen, Dormitory Life Division Head

Have you ever wondered what it is like to study abroad, to live away from home, to manage your finances independently, to explore a city you’ve never visited, to write, read, and speak in a foreign language? Have you interacted with people from another country and been confused about where the stereotypes come from? Have you been curious about our international students at LCA, and wanted to know more about their lives at the dorm after school or during weekends and holidays and to hear about how their experiences before LCA are different? Have you ever worried about how staff handles all these teenagers with different cultural backgrounds? This profile series is where you get the chance to visit our North Campus, and understand the diverse culture we have at LCA! I will be profiling individual students from our LCA dorm to give the LCA community a chance to get to know them better and learn some facts you may not know about your fellow classmates!