March Maker Monday – Power Tools with Coach Getchell

By Isabella Lahoue, Editor In Chief. Photo by Isabella Desouza. Pictured left to right: Coach Getchell, Isaac Picarello ’23, Celeste Fowler ’23, Sara Campos ’23.
Maker Monday this month was all about power tools, and this past Monday afternoon, Ms. Chaney, along with Coach Getchell, demonstrated safety and proper use of power tools.
Several middle school students learned about different tools and got the chance to use them in woodworking practice. Coach Getchell shared his thoughts on this Maker Monday and what he feels the importance of power tools is with us below.

First let me start by saying I love the Maker space.  I have been using power tools since my days of woodshop and metal shop in high school many years ago.  I learned an appreciation of the tools and what their uses are compared to hand tools.  I have always enjoyed working/fixing and creating with my hands, lending to a career in engineering.
Learning the proper use of power tools is very important for safety.  Power tools have their place in being efficient and time saving in efforts to constructing and deconstructing things.  I hope the students gained an appreciation of the uses and methods of how to use them properly and safely.
Next Maker Monday is coming up on April 2nd, where another woodworking demonstration will be given for students who are interested. Sign up is on the MakerSpace door!